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Sometimes the weather can give us some extreme conditions such as strong winds, heavy rain, sharp frosts and freezing temperatures.

Moycullen Weather can send you an email when these weather events are happening or about to happen.

If you sign up to email alerts here is a list of what weather events will trigger these alerts:

1. Temperature is less than -5 C.

2. Rain - if it rains more than 20mm in 1 hour.

3. Rain - if it rains more than 50mm in 6 hours.

4. Maximum mean windspeed is greater than 30 mph.

5. Barometric pressure drops by more than 10hpa in the last hour.

6. Windchill of -10 C or less.

7. Frost Prediction: if the time is between 9pm and 9am AND the dew point is less than or equal to 3 C AND the temperature is less than or equal to 6 C AND the temperature has dropped by at least 1 C in the last hour AND the average windspeed is less than 2 knots for the last hour.

8. Downy mildew prediction: If the temperature is greater than 10 C AND it has rained more than 10mm in the last 24 hours (i.e. most days in the typical Irish summer ;-)

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